Anise Plant

Tips For Growing The Anise Plant For The Beginner

Many people love to grow things in their garden but may not be seasoned gardeners. Often it can be frustrating if you keep losing the plants you are attempting to grow. If this is you, you might want to try growing the Anise plant to start out with.

There are many benefits to starting with the Anise plant when you are growing a garden. It is for one a beautiful tall purple plant that will add beauty to the garden. It is also hearty and difficult to mess up. Because it is beautiful and forgiving it makes a great addition to any garden. Here are some tips to get you started on your growing of Anise.

Cold Weather: The Anise plant is a perennial flower. However, in colder conditions it may be more like and annual and only bloom when the weather is warmer in your climate. It will remain dormant and you do not have to be concerned with losing the plant. It will be dormant and will bloom again once the frost is gone. You do not have to cover the plant like other flowers in cold weather.

how to grow aniseSun: This plant loves the sun and grows well in it. Make sure that you plant it where it will get as much sunlight as possible. If you are struggling with the Anise plant you may want to reposition it to get more sunlight. A controlled environment can also give it a sun effect as well if you are in a smaller space without sunlight.

Planting: The seeding of this plant is done any time of the year. Some people start them in pots but it is not necessary. You do however need to give them room to grow when planted. When you go to plant, plan on spacing the seeds out two feet apart. This will ensure that they can spread out well and they will not choke each other. They are hearty and will fill in the space very well so do not freak out and plant them too closely as this is a rookie move.

Blooming: The beautiful purple colour of the Anise plant will grow and bloom in the late spring. It will continue to bloom and will continue to do so until the later fall months. You can enjoy this flower for many months and cut for fresh flowers inside as well as bouquets you can create from your garden.

As an addition to the heartiness of the plant in your garden you can use its leaves in other ways. The leaves can be used in tea or as a garnish for a meal. You can also use the leaves for decorating while they give a fresh aroma to the room.

The Anise plant is great for along borders and because it is a perennial you can enjoy it all year round. Take in the beautiful smell as well that this tall flower will give you when it is in bloom. Try the Anise in your garden for good results to give you a sense of accomplishment as you hone in on your gardening skills.

Anise Plant