Bay Leaf Tree

Maintaining A Bay Leaf Tree

Bay leaves are great for seasoning foods and anything for cooking. They add a lot of  flavour and depth to your cooking. If you use bay leaves, then you're sure to have a great dish. This is why many people like to grow bay leaf trees in their herb gardens so that they can grow their own herbs to use in their cooking. So if you want to have fresh bay leaves ready for you to use at any time, you should plant a bay leaf tree.

There are many different types of bay leaf out there but there are two main leaves that are used mainly for cooking. These two types are the Turkish bay leaf and the California bay leaf. They may look similar, but they give off a different taste. So sometimes you might find recipes that call for one specific kind of bay leaf.

The kind of bay tree that you plant will have an effect on the recipes that you can do with your homegrown bay leaves. So choose the tree type that you will use more or you can get both. They make very beautiful trees as well as delicious seasoning.

Bay leaf trees can grow up to forty feet high, and aside from leaves it grows flowers and berries. The bay leaves themselves can grow up to twelve centimetres long and six centimetres wide. Having this tree in your garden will not only spruce up your cooking but your landscaping as well.

bay leaf herbs

Growing a bay tree from seeds can be a very long process, which is why people usually get seedlings or bay trees from nurseries. This makes having a bay tree at home a lot easier and it will be faster for you to have a harvest of bay leaves.

If you want to control the size of your tree, then you should grow it inside a pot and keep it at home. By keeping it in a small pot and pruning the tree at home, you can keep the tree at a short and manageable height. If you have a tree in a container, then keep it like that until you need to re-pot it in five years.

When looking for a pot, take note that a pot that is a foot in diameter will grow the tree at most five feet. Also, you should choose a pot that has proper drainage holes so that the soil will be drained well. You can also put stones at the base for draining.

You should keep the soil firmly but gently pressed into the pot. Also remember to use compost at the top of the pot so that your soil will be filled with nutrients. Remember to water your tree every so often and keep the soil moist.

Remember that a bay leaf tree cannot grow during the winter, so keep it in your home in a well-lit area during the frost season.

By maintaining your bay tree and keeping it in good condition, you will have fresh and delicious bay leaves to use in your cooking all year round.
 Bay Leaf Tree