Chervil Herb

Tips For Growing And Using The Chervil Herb.

Chervil is the herb that serious cooks use. If you have a garden and like to cook your favourite herbs from it you will more than likely want to add the chervil herb to your priority list. You can buy it in the store but it is not the same and really has no taste value. However, the chervil fresh from a  homegrown garden can be used in many delicious dishes for added flavour.

The chervil looks a lot like a fern but do not get it confused. It is a natural spice additive but not part of the spice family. When you are using it for cooking you will need to add it pretty much at the last minute. It does not cook well and loses its flavour. Therefore it is best used as a last minute garnish for your needs to be most effective.

Water: The chervil plant loves the water and not so much the sun. It does not like to be dry.

Keeping your chervil watered regularly is very important to keep it happy and luscious in your home garden. You may want to set up a sprinkler system if you can if you are going to be gone from your home and cannot water it.

Soil: This plant prefers rich soil. Go the distance and give the best soil to grow your French parsley to the best of its ability. You will want this soil to be in the shade as this is what your chervil herb will prefer. Again, it does not like the sun and will die if it is exposed.

how to grow chervilPlanting: Seeding chervil is done on top of the soil that is rich in nutrients. You can cover it a bit but you do not need to. You should do so after frost is done for the best results. It is a lonely plant and you do not need to mess with it. Once it starts growing it is best to leave it alone and let it do its thing. It will be ready for you to use for what you need in about eight weeks.

You can grow the chervil plant indoors or out. Whichever way you decide to grow it, it is best done in rows. If you just want a little bit you might just want to plant one row for your use. In the future you can also reseed it outdoors and it does quite well when you choose to do this. Again, this is best done without frost on the ground. If you are going to have chervil outside in colder months you will want to cover it with cloth.

Growing your own chervil can be easy and fun. Add it to other herb seeds for a possible cross-pollination if you want to get creative.

You can find seeds for sale online or at your local store that sells herbs for growing. If you know of someone who is already growing it ask if you can take a little from them and start your own growth if it is difficult to find in stores.

The chervil herb plant is great for adorning your garden outdoors. It is also a great item to use in garnishing your meals and giving them a gourmet flavour. The liquorice parsley taste gives an added touch to anything you are mixing up in the kitchen. Remember to not over cook it as it will shrivel and lose its flavouring.

Chervil Herb