Cilantro Leaves

How To Grow Fresh Cilantro Leaves

A herb garden should be complete with a variety of herbs that you can use for different dishes often. There are many different herbs that can be planted in an herb garden, but one kind of herb which is very useful in cooking yet rarely found in gardens is cilantro. Cilantro leaves can be used as seasonings for Asian and Mexican dishes as well as other dishes.

A common misconception about cilantro is that it is hard to grow and maintain, but actually it is very simple to add this to your herb garden. All you need to do is follow a few steps and take note of a few tips in growing cilantro and you won't have any problems adding it to your garden.

The herb cilantro is also known as coriander. When you buy seeds needed to grow cilantro, you will find out that these seeds are actually found inside a husk that holds two seeds together.

If you want your cilantro seeds to have more of a chance at growing well, then you should softly crush the husk into itself and soak the seeds in water for a day or two. After they are soaked, dry them for a while.

how to grow cilantroOnce you have the dry and soaked cilantro seeds, you should plant them. If you want to start the cilantro indoors then you should know that you have to move it outdoors eventually.

To plant to cilantro seeds, put them in one-fourth inch deep in the soil. Once the cilantro grows to be around two inches tall, then the plants should be set apart by about three to four inches. Growing cilantro close to each other helps since the leaves will protect the roots from being affected by hot weather.

If you started planting the cilantro inside and are transferring them to the garden outside, then just dig a few holes and space the cilantro properly. Water them well and look after them and they should be fine after a while.

Remember that overly hot weather is not good for cilantro. The weather conditions that cilantro grows best in are sunny but cool. Make sure that your cilantro is shaded during the hot hours of the day, but that they get enough sun to grow.

Cilantro is a very easy to maintain and easy to grow herb, but it still does not live very long. You can prune it often and take care of it, but eventually it will bolt. This is why if you want a lot of cilantro throughout the growing season, you should plant new seeds every six weeks.

Cilantro can reseed as well after it bolts. These seeds will probably grow for you next year, and you can take them out of the ground and save them. You can also choose to use them in your cooking as seeds since they have great flavour as well.

Having a supply of cilantro leaves in your garden is not at all hard. All you need to do is follow a few instructions and tips and you'll have all the cilantro you need all year long.

Cilantro Leaves