Different Ways to Enjoy Braised Fennel

Braised fennel with its very rich flavor is a perfect addition to your menu for the holidays. Fennel can be very tricky because it tends to be unsavory and crunchy once it is not cooked well. Braising is one of the easiest methods in cooking fennel. Even with just the basics of braising, you’ll be able to achieve a rich, deliciously flavored sauce for your braised fennel.  

One bulb of fennel is already good for two persons. You can find fennels that have stalks as well as fronds attached to it in grocery stores. The green leafy stalks found on the very top end of your herb fennel are called fronds. You can use these for a freshness herb in other recipes. The stalks can also be used for your very own home-made herb stock. But the bulbs however, is really the main part of the fennel since it is used as the main ingredient in most dishes.

In obtaining the bulb, you must remove all the stalks. Slice your fennel bulbs into halves and remove the center core of the bulb. This core part of the fennel can hard even after braising. After removing the core, continue slicing the fennel bulb into wedges.

In braising, you must first sear the fennel in order to develop a beautiful richly browned flavor. After searing, add all the other ingredients along with a small amount of liquid flavoring. Cover the pot and bring to a boil over low heat. Wait till all the ingredients are tender and the sauce becomes richly thick. herbivoracious.com, .carnivoreandvegetarian.com, inspiredtaste.net

Carrots, onions, lentils and celery are the most common vegetables used as supporters in braised fennel. Also, for the liquid flavoring, I suggest that you use dry vermouth due to its zesty aromatic orange flavor. This kind of flavor perfectly blends well with braised fennel.  

Potatoes are also a favorite addition in braised fennel. The combination of the luscious creamy potatoes with the flavorful fennel is just so perfectly heavenly. Add up a bunch of cheese on top for a more fabulous taste. It’s simply delicious! For those who are lactose intolerant, choose a kind cheese that has lactose free milk.  

You can also try adding fennel pollen to your braised fennel. It has aroma of summer in a jar. Though expensive, a small amount of it added to your dish makes a whole lot of difference. Braised fennel may be served without this, but if you up to an extra rich taste, I definitely recommend this one.  

Enjoy your holidays!

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