Different Ways to Enjoy Fennel Fronds

Fennel fronds are usually kept aside in most fennel recipes. What people do not know is that there are a whole lot of ways to make use of fennel fronds and not just piling it up in the compost.  

Fennel belongs to the parsley family. It has a crunchy feel with somewhat licorice flavor. This type of vegetable is very well known in the culinary world. Also called Anise, it has the shape of a bulb with stalks up on its head, and green fronds attached to it. The entire plant can be eaten whether cooked or raw.  

The fennel plant is already famous in Greek history and mythology. The spread of the fennel plant grew on the Medieval Ages, when monks farmed fennel and made it an important herbal medicine. The Ancient Greek name for fennel is “Marathon”.  

Though fennel is known to be famous, it is surprisingly a misunderstood vegetable in Europe. This plant originated in Southern Europe, but is ironically not celebrated much on the dishes in these areas.  

The fennel plant is also considered an herb, aside from being a vegetable, a valued medicinal plant. The fennel fronds are also dried and used as a mainstay in French and Italian cooking.  

Wild fennels are often confused as dills. Fennel fronds are gathered as an ingredient for vegetable recipes and salads. It can also be served as a tasty side dish. Finely chopped fennel fronds are also added in a Sicilian patty dish along with eggs, crumbs and cheese fried in oil.  

Freezing your piled up stock of fennel fronds until you have enough to make a delicious soup is a good substitute for chicken broth.

Fennel fronds are also used as herb stuffed in grilled fish, or even in whole chickens. They are also hanged-dry and used as a bed in roasting a fish. They are also placed on hot coals, the smoke of the burnt fennel fronds flavor the meat of the grilled fish. You can also try putting fennel fronds inside a bottle of vodka and let it stay there for 2 weeks or more.

Vinaigrettes and sauces also contain fennel fronds, usually used like dills to flavor them. You can also use fennel fronds mixed with lemon, garlic and salt as a flavoring for roasted pork. They also look beautiful as a delicious garnishing for main courses. Every part of fennel is actually never put to waste.

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