Growing Dill

Tips To Growing Dill For Any Level Of Gardener

If you are a beginning gardener you may want to consider growing dill in your garden. Dill is a popular choice for many beginners and experts alike. This is because it is simple to grow if you just follow a few easy guidelines.

Dill is a forgiving plant if you wait until frost is over and then plant it. This way you will avoid damage and enjoy dill until the next frost. If you live in an area where the temperature is tepid to warm the majority of the year, such as California, then your concern will not be frost but rather the sun.

Sun can damage dill if it has too much of it. However, you will want sun shining on it at least six hours a day. If you have some moisture in the air this is great. But if you struggle with moisture in the air you will want to mist your dill plant from time to time.

Dill can be grown indoors or outside. If you enjoy dill all year round and live where temperatures are colder in the winter, then growing it indoors during the winter months is recommended.

You can always move it outside when the whether warms up but this way you will not be limited by weather conditions. If you do grow it inside in cold weather, you will need to create artificial sunlight and stake the plant so it does not fall when planted indoors.

how to grow dillFor planting dill, place the seeds in loose soil near the surface of the soil. You will want to plant them about a half an inch deep from the surface for the best results and rapid growth. Cover the seeds with the loose soil and lightly water and place in sun. If you have higher winds you will want to cover the plants to avoid damage.

In around two weeks you will notice your dill plants emerging. This is when you will want to thin out the plants so they can grow their best.

Spread them out by thinning them around nine inches between the plants. Pull out the excess plants in between the nine-inch distance and watch them grow very well.

You will notice the dill beginning to flower. This will occur in about four to six weeks. When this occurs the plant can be harvested. You can use the plant and let it continue to harvest as you go. Look at the flower on top and see how it blooms. When it has browned it is fully developed and will not produce more leaves. Trim it back and let it grow again or plant more if you need to.

Growing dill can be easy and fun. You can use the dill in many recipes.

It is very popular for use in salads and dips but can be added for extra flavour if you enjoy the taste. Its shelf life is not long so do not pull it until the last minute for your cooking use for the best results.

Growing Dill