Growing Lavender Plants

Lavender is a fragrant herb in the garden. It will do well along side of many other plants. It has a wonderful aroma. It is not hard to grow. However, you will need to give it frequent care and attention. Here are some tips for growing lavender plants.


These plants are usually propagated by cuttings. There is good reason for this. This will be easier and quicker for you.

Seeds will take a long time. You will get an exact copy of the original plant with cuttings. Make sure that you take cuttings from your best mature plants.

You may also buy potted plants and place them in the ground.

Make sure that you plant lavender in warm weather. It should be in the late spring. Early summer is also a good time. It needs lots of sunshine too. Make sure that it will not be in a great deal of shade. There are many types of lavender. Check with your garden centre for the right kind for your zone or area.

growing lavender herbs


It is very important to have good drainage for your soil. It should be loose and dry. Compost is a good source of soil. It may help to keep it loose. It is best to fertilize the soil first. Set your plants out approximately two feet meters apart. Water them when you set them out. Do not water too much. Lavender thrives in dry conditions.

It is a good idea to mulch the plants after you set them out. Do not mulch around the stem of the plants. Leave an area of 2.5 centimetres or two inches around the stem. Soil ph is very important too. It should be between 6.5 and 7.5. Lavender is sensitive to acidic or alkaline conditions. They will not do well if the soil is not properly taken care of.

You may have problems in humid and hot conditions. Lavender is not made for this type of weather. However, there are things that you can do. Place your plants in a raised bed. Plant them far apart. This may help with problems like rot and fungus. Lavender is a full sun herb. However, you will need afternoon shade in hot climates.

You may grow lavender in pots. Potted soil must be the same as ground soil. It should be loose and dry. You should re-pot your plants every season. Place them in a larger pot, to allow more growth and maturity. It is best to use organic potting soil, also.


Wait till your plants have bloomed into full colour. Make sure the plants are dry when cutting. Early morning after the dew, is a good time. Cut at the base of the stem. The cuttings can be arranged as flowers or dried for things like potpourri. Remember that lavender will bloom for three of four seasons. Replant them every year for best results.


Lavender is a beautiful and fragrant herb to grow in your garden. It will do well with other plants. Make sure that you plant in loose, dry soil. Growing lavender plants may be difficult in wet conditions. Humidity and heat are not kind to it. If you take good care of them, they will do well. Replant lavender every year. The plants will only bloom for a few seasons.

Growing Lavender Plants

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