How to Grow Sage

Basics Of How To Grow Sage

To most of us, sage is a great seasoning to use in cooking and it gives food great flavour, but sage actually has other uses as well. Aside from being a great seasoning, sage is a beautiful addition to the garden and can even be used for herbal medicines. It is not at all hard to add sage to your garden and kitchen and all you need to do is learn how to grow sage.

Sage is a plant that was originally from the Mediterranean. It is a bush like plant that spreads out and grows to about two feet in height. It is a plant that grows perennially, so it is definitely a great plant to have around. It is a very durable plant, and all you need is some good quality soil and a sunny place for it to grow.

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The leaves of a sage plant grow grey and green, which makes them interesting to look at and great to plant outdoors. During the summer, these plants even grow pretty purple flowers, which make them look even more aesthetically pleasing.

Sage is a great seasoning that works well with chicken, lamb, pork, vegetables, and other ingredients. It can really add flavour to many different dishes. By keeping fresh sage in your garden, you will be able to use sage to bring out very fresh and powerful flavours in a dish.

Aside from seasonings, sage can be used in a tea, which can help give estrogen to the body. Also, you can use it on your skin if you have oily skin by adding it to white vinegar and water. This way, it works as a natural astringent for your skin.

If you want to grow sage indoors, then you need to make sure that you have very good quality potting soil for your sage. It takes some time for sage to sprout from seeds, but once they have sprouted it grows quickly into a beautiful plant.

You can also choose to plant a sage plant from a nursery so that you can have a fully-grown sage plant right away. They are easy to add into your garden since they will take root without any problems in about four to five weeks.

Another way to grow sage plants is to use stem cuttings with rooting compounds on them in order to start a new sage plant. You just need to put the cuttings in the ground and they should be able to grow properly.

As long as you can keep the sage in a sunny area of your home, the sage will be able to thrive indoors. Remember to get a proper pot that drains well so that the plant will be healthy. You can add in rocks and pot shards at the bottom of the pot to help it drain better. Good quality potting soil is also important.

By learning how to grow sage, you can start to add sage to your garden and fully experience the benefits of having fresh sage in your home.

How to Grow Sage