The Different Fennel Tea Benefits

Fennel tea benefits have been widely used for over the centuries. It aids in weight loss and is also a great detoxifying agent. The detoxifying effect of fennel tea helps in lowering cholesterol levels in the blood. Fennel tea is very helpful towards our immune system.

Fennel is one of the healthiest vegetables ever known in the food chain. It is an herb that originated in Europe, which mainly used as an aid for digestion in the early civilizations. Fennel tea benefits in Ancient Egypt were already used back then. Herbalists from China and India also used fennel as remedy for bites from snakes and insects. In ancient Rome, fennel was used in many rituals and celebrations as their symbol for nature.

The fennel plant is a species from the genus Foeniculum, a member of Apiaceae family. It is mostly found on dry soil near riverbanks and sea coast. The health benefits of fennel tea made it a popular herb used to treat different medical conditions.

At present, fennel has many medicinal benefits, mainly by consuming fennel tea. Fennel tea benefits as a natural diuretic agent, detoxifier, stimulant, and also as an aphrodisiac. The fennel plant is found to be very rich in vitamins, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and other nutrients that are actually good for the health.

Fennel tea is made from fennel seeds that are brought to a boil. The juice extracted from the seeds combine with water, thus makes the tea.

Fennel tea benefits the most effective cure for indigestion, avoids stomach pain, bloating, cramps, and also helps eliminate colic. Fennel tea benefits also include the prevention of constipation, as well as other irregular bowel movements. Water retention is also prevented.

One amazing property of fennel tea is that it also serves as an aphrodisiac to people who feel they lack the urge in their sexual life. It regulates healthy sexual desires and also decreases the negative effects of estrogen. Fennel tea also has a soothing effect and prevents sore throat. This also manages diseases such as cold and flu.

Bad breath can also be prevented if you use fennel tea as a mouthwash. Due to its anti-microbial properties, it can also help in the prevention of asthma.

Fennel tea is also very good for babies, and also for their lactating mothers. It diminishes discomfort which makes it a good choice to cure gassy and fussy babies. Another benefit of fennel tea is its capability to relax the intestines.

A mother who is breastfeeding her baby can drink fennel tea and easily pass on the fennel tea benefits towards her baby, thus, also promoting lactation which is good for the baby. The fennel tea is also safe to directly add to the baby’s milk formula but only in small doses.

In making fennel tea, you must first crush the fennel seeds to make the boiling time more quickly. Then add a teaspoon full of fennel seeds into an 8 oz of boiling water, and leave it for 15 min. Consume a cup of tea three times a day to fully enjoy its benefits. This dosage is only applicable for adults.

For the babies, you only need to make them take one teaspoon full of fennel tea, thrice in a day. I can’t say fennel tea will cure all the discomfort your baby feels, but I’m pretty sure it can help.

One good way to lose weight is also by taking fennel tea. Can you believe that?

Fennel tea benefits weight loss. It is very ideal if you want to lose weight naturally. Almost all people around the world want to lose weight, so I firmly suggest that you try taking fennel tea every after each meal.

The consumption of fennel tea is just the same dosage as that of lactating mothers. You just have to take it before you eat breakfast, then the next 2 cups will be taken after lunch and dinner.

Fennel tea benefits in weight loss includes the regulation of liver function that improves metabolism, it also relaxes the muscles of our digestive system, stimulates digestion, it also a diuretic agent that helps in the elimination of excessive fluids in our body.

In wanting to lose weight you must implement a strict diet, participate in physical activities, and of course, never forget to take your daily dose of fennel tea every after meal.

All in all, we can sum up all the fennel tea benefits as follows:

Fennel tea is very effective in relieving premenstrual pain due to cramps in the abdominal area of women. The extract from the fennel seeds regulates the effects of the hormone estrogen. This can also be used as a means to cure menstrual hot flushes.

The fennel tea gives relief to ailments such as asthma, cough, and bronchitis.

Fennel tea also has antioxidant properties. It is also used as a decongestant.

It helps in dissolving kidney stones.

It can increase your metabolism thus losing weight. It also aids in digestion, flushing out water containing toxins in our body. Fennel tea also revives the appetite of those who have been sick.

It prevents the formation of gout. Also, it can help cure fever and ease sore throats and hiccups.

Fennel tea also helps in reversing the damage that alcohol has made towards our liver.

Fennel tea is also used to wash infected areas of our bodies such as conjunctivitis and infection of the eye. It can also be used as a mouthwash since it has a very refreshing taste. Fennel tea is also used to wash the sore nipples of lactating mothers, giving relief and prevents infection.

This breakthrough may have a lot of fennel tea benefits, but along every good thing, there is also a bad thing. Fennel tea also has a side effect if used irresponsibly. If a person is known to have an allergic reaction towards celery and carrots, he or she may have a bigger chance of developing allergy towards the fennel plant. The allergic effects of fennel, such as fennel tea, may be very dangerous towards human life. Difficulty of breathing, dizziness, and also the swelling of the face are just some of the results of the allergic reaction.

So before taking your first cup of fennel tea, consult first your physician if you may have any allergic reaction towards fennel. But if you found out that there is none, then you are one very lucky individual to have enjoyed the fennel tea benefits!

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