Wrought Iron Window Boxes

Wrought iron window boxes instantly add charm to any home. They give off a rustic feel capturing a certain essence that gives off a warm inviting look. Wrought iron window boxes are not only visually appealing but durable and sturdy. They are able to hold great amounts of weight without worry of damage to home or plants. Not only are they great for outside the home, adding charm and ruggedly European sophistication, but can be hung inside the home for a charming decorative piece. Wherever you decide to hang them you are sure to get a beautiful look. They are a beautiful look for any home, exterior or interior they also serve as great gifts and an item you can get really creative with.

Not only are they a beautiful way to showcase flowers throughout the year they add character and charm and give your home an instant look of sophistication. Wrought iron window boxes are great additions to your home to give it a look unlike anyone else may have in your neighborhood. Coming in all sizes and designs and it is entirely up to you to find the complete look you are going for. Whether your windows are rounded, squared or rectangle, any box can be found to accentuate or off set the shape of your windows. Also available are attractive liners that not only match your window box but the exterior of your home. Options are endless when it comes to the look of you desire to achieve and that gives you the ability to find the perfect, custom window box for your home.

Not only are wrought iron window boxes ideal for exterior décor, but interior. It might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of display them but they are also suitable for a less than traditional mounting. They are adorable in bathrooms when thinking of storage for towels or other bath products. They look great when showcased over a bed, being incorporated in a headboard or even mounted on a wall for indoor plants, books, blankets, or other home decorations. There are so many different options and I think that we have a tendency to think inside the box, limiting all the crafty things that can be done. They are also great in kitchens to add a simple but creative touch to either your pantry or a kitchen wall, where you could keep handy kitchen needs such as towels, spices or even cook books.

window boxes in wrought iron

Another great use is using them as themed gifts. There are so many ways to incorporate them into a gift for Mother’s Day, a birthday, or even a house warming gift. Filling them with items the intended receiver may enjoy. Maybe for a spa night, fill it with items they could use for a relaxing night in. Maybe you know a gardener and filling it with plants or even herbs that they can grow and enjoy with tools they would need and other cute gardening accessories. Using it as a "gift bag" for filling items for someone is a really cute way to use them -they are super cute and double as a gift to something they can use in their home décor. Not only will you be pleased with the look but family and friends will really enjoy your time and loving gift.

Not only are they available in all shapes, sizes, styles, and can be used in so many ways. Not only are they great for exterior use, which we so often do, they can be used inside the home and as a great gift. Whatever you decide to use your wrought iron window box for you are sure to get a beautiful look, full of class and beauty.

Storing Your Home Grown Herbs
After you have grown your herbs or plants in a wrought iron window box it is time to preserve and store them. Luckily, there are multiple methods for storing herbs, depending on how you intend on using them. Some common methods for storing herbs are:

Keep fresh until use




Incorporating into sauces and stocks for freezing

As you have noticed, most herbs can be easily dried and stored for up to six months after growing. Though many home growers use a dehydrator for this method, herbs can be dried at home in a much simpler way. By placing herb leaves and sprigs evenly on a sheet pan with a cooking rack on top, allow the herbs to air dry for one day until hard and brittle. Do not leave the herbs out longer than 24 hours – this can eliminate their essence.

If you are planning on using the herbs you grow in your wrought iron window box in less than a week, the refrigerator is the next best option for storing your freshly grown herbs. This can be done by harvesting the herbs and then placing them within a damp paper towel. Store herbs toward the back of the refrigerator and discard when leaves begin to show signs of yellow or brown spotting – this means the herbs are starting to spoil.

Another great method for storing freshly grown herbs from your wrought iron window box is to use them in stock or sauces and freeze. Create a stock from scratch or purchase a ready made stock at the store. Bring the stock to a simmer and add herbs, spices and other additions. Cook for 15 minutes and allow to cool. Pour the stock mixture into ice cube trays and place in the freezer until frozen solid. Remove the cubes and store in storage bags for up to six months. Remove the number of cubes you need per dish that requires stock to add a fresh herbaceous stock taste to any meal you cook year-round.


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